Child Protection

One of our services here at Greens Solicitors pertains to child protection Birmingham. We understand that resolving problems related to the welfare of children places a heavy responsibility on our specialist childcare solicitors. When it comes to child protection Birmingham, we will respond quickly to your needs, giving you the information you need and helping to reduce the stress and uncertainty about what the future might hold.

We will advise you regarding the care and protection of your children and the consequences of separation and divorce. We are used to working under pressure and to tight deadlines and manage to do so with the utmost sensitivity. Our child protection services combine a forthright but caring approach.

With regards to child protection, your local authority and the police may become involved if they believe you child is at risk or is out of your control. If you are contacted by either agency, please talk to us as your child law solicitors. We will ensure your rights are protected.

We will sit by your side at child protection Birmingham case conferences and provide support and professional advice. Should your child be taken into care or placed on an ‘at risk’ register, we will explain what this means and what you should do next.

As child law solicitors, we provide support with the following and more:

  • Care, supervision and education supervision orders
  • Residence/contact
  • Maintenance
  • School, holiday and religious arrangements
  • Enforcement
  • Preventing/dealing with abduction
  • Wardship/adoption/change of name
  • Resolving issues with Social Services
  • Court proceedings
  • Child protection case conferences
  • If you need help with child protection Solihull or child protection Birmingham, please do not hesitate to get in touch we us. We promise to advise you the best way we can. There’s no need to feel alone when it comes to child protection issues.

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