How Much?

The newspapers and social media have been a twitter over the last week or so over the £10million legal costs paid out in the case of the Viking Cruises founder Tirstein Hagen and his estranged wife Ellen-Karine Hagen. The case involved billions of pounds of assets and complex business structures – the costs undoubtedly will have included not only the fee...

“What can you do if you don’t agree with the amount of child support that you are paying?” - A Greens Solicitor investigates.

  In the vast majority of cases, child support is now controlled by the State through the Child Maintenance & Enforcement Commission with the amount that you pay based upon a set figure. However, a number of variations to the amount can be applied for: The Paying Parent A paying parent can apply for a variation in cases of special expenses:...

Needs Come First

You may have seen the recent press coverage of the ‘largest divorce payout’ ever made in the UK with over £543m Whilst it makes interesting breakfast time reading, for most divorcing couples these cases are a far cry from their reality. ...

It's Not My Fault!

So often when clients come to us looking for a speedy divorce we say that in any marriage it is possible to find examples of unreasonable behaviour on which to proceed with a divorce.   ...

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is in the air and we are all starting to feel the benefit of lighter mornings and evenings. The clocks are due to go forward at the end of March and despite losing a precious hour, will the be the mark of longer and hopefully brighter days. &n...

Civil Partnerships: Who are they for?

Civil Partnerships were first introduced in the UK as a way for same sex couples to be legally recognised with similar rights as traditional marriages. But what happens when a mixed sex couple file for a Civil Partnership?  The Court of Appeal has recently dismissed an application whereby an opposite sex couple sought to challenge the provision that only same sex couples can enter i...

The Legal Aid Regulations

The Legal Aid Regulations enable a person to seek Legal Aid for certain types of Proceedings provided they can show evidence of domestic violence or a risk of domestic violence.  The Legal Aid Agency originally levied a cut-off point of two years in relation to historic incidents after which such evidence could no longer be used ...

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