“What can you do if you don’t agree with the amount of child support that you are paying?” - A Greens Solicitor investigates.


In the vast majority of cases, child support is now controlled by the State through the Child

Maintenance & Enforcement Commission with the amount that you pay based upon a set


However, a number of variations to the amount can be applied for:

The Paying Parent

A paying parent can apply for a variation in cases of special expenses:

● Costs incurred in maintaining contact with a child (such items can include the cost of

purchasing a rail ticket, fuel costs, Toll charges taxi fares, car hire costs and where

contact is effective for two or more consecutive day’s reasonable accommodation


● Costs attributable to the long-term illness or disability of any other child who you have

responsibility for (such expenses can include personal attendance, routine domestic

help, medical matters and diet)

● Payment of certain debts incurred before the parties separated.

● The maintenance element of costs incurred in relation to boarding school fees.

● The costs incurred of making payments in relation to a mortgage and insurance

policy on a property that you and your former partner shared prior to separation

provided you no longer has an interest in that property and the child is still resident


The above exceptions permit variations to assist the person who is paying child support.

However, there are also variations designed to assist the parent who is caring for the child

where it is deemed that the other parent is paying less than they otherwise should.

The Recipient Parent

Where the paying parent has additional unearned income in excess of £2,500.00 per annum

(such as income from property (i.e. rental income), savings, and investments (including


Where the paying parent has control of the amount of income they receive such that they

have unreasonably reduced their income in order to lower their liability to pay child support.

As can be seen, it is therefore extremely important that whenever an assessment is made in

relation to child support that consideration is given as to whether or not a variation either

upwards or downwards is possible.

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